a tiny gift 
carrying a world of wisdom.

sterling silver . traditional enamels
finely crafted in a small studio.

talismans, charms, symbols, amulets,
beautifully packaged with the story.

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Colouring Me in Earrings.

June 11, 2017

My new range of silver-enamel retro-modernist earrings, ‘COLOUR ME’, is inspired by the simple beauty and power of colours.
Colour changes how we feel and it expresses our mood as a perfume does. It can accentuate our best features – and earrings have always been one of the principal players in how we dress up.

A Picture Story: Enamelling Pegasus

November 17, 2016

Enamelling Pegasus: The picture Story_Talisgirl CharmsA picture story to show how much fun I have enamelling my charms. Enamelling the old fashioned way, with powdered glass in a red-hot kiln, is a fabulous thing to do. There's a bit of alchemy and a lot of craftsmanship. 

Butterflies wearing violet wings

July 02, 2016

Talisgirl-Charms-Bloutjie-butterfly-joining-a-long-tradition-of-silver-jewellery-butterflies-WEB-111There's something about butterflies with their shimmery wings that sets off associations with fantasy and metaphor: ethereal, delicate, powerful, transformed, something of the stuff of magic.

Small elephant baptised by a froggie in a Cape mountain stream.

December 14, 2015

Talisgirl Charms Cape Forest stream baptism of ellie-with frog

While hiking in a remote ancient Cape forest last weekend. I was wearing my brand new African Elephant charm. When we got to a sparkly stream at the base of a gorge, I felt I should get a photo of my ellie in that extraordinary place.
There was once a time when elephants lived in those forests.