August 24, 2015

Our life journey, illuminated by meaning, becomes a pilgrimage : connecting us to our inner self, to each other, and to what is sacred in the world. JL.

‘In sacred travel, every experience is uncanny. No encounter is without meaning.’  Phil Cousineau ‘The Art of Pilgrimage’


'The Time Of Your Life' lyrics by Randy Newman in 'A Bug's Life'
'Isn't it a bit surprising
How one's fortunes ebb and flow
And only to the enterprising
Does the magic fortune cookie go
Believe me
It's the time of your life so live it well.'

Spring charms! (and a sneak preview)

Talisgirl Charms Spring Leaf and Spring Flower collection.

Spring at last! So many of my charms are about the concept of Spring. Spring is new beginnings, the miracle of new life unfurling from the buds on a bare winter branch. It seems amazing sometimes that such a miracle happens every year! 

In the countryside around Johannesburg where I grew up, the roadsides were always lined with masses of pink and white Cosmos daisies, so they always say ‘SPRING’ To me! I grow them from seedlings now, and I worked my Cosmos daisy charms from the flowers in my garden that you see in the pic. :

Cosmos daisies by Jacky Lloyd for Talisgirl Charms.

Today I have a Wild Pear (Dombeya) in my garden that has just shown its first blossoms.Soon it will be a mass of honey scented pinkish-white flowers.So I’m busy right now too, with new Spring charms,fruit tree blossoms this time. I’m afraid my Wild Pear beat me to it, but I’ll have some Blossom charms ready for my shop within a few weeks.

Here is a sneak preview of my original carving in wax, next to the originals in my garden, taken less than an hour ago.The wax took a couple of days to perfect, but that is literally the 'spring' stage, before I develop it into a silver charm product.

My Spring Leaf and flower charms are all incredibly popular. I think they remind us of that well-spring inherent in life. Something we must always keep in touch with for a sense of purpose and potential.

My Spring Leaf charm, with its smooth sculpted back and bright Chartreuse enamel glass front is a fabulous symbol to celebrate Spring and new beginnings.
My ever popular Spring Leaf charms in Chartreuse green enamel.  I recently made up a wonderful charm chain with Spring Leaf charms, White-Eye bird charms and a central Honey Bee. They were selected by Melissa, a wonderful person who keeps a rare indigenous forest in Gansbaai, called Platbos Forest ( ). Living in a forest, she sees Spring emerge over several months, and on many levels: each tree species starts to leaf and blossom at slightly different times. The birds become active and bright eyed as they gear up for mating  season and nest building. As do the buck, rare wild cats and other shy forest creatures which emerge at night. Tiny green plant beings emerge from the forest floor, and bulbs start to show their flowers in the sunnier parts. What a wonderful place to live and be! I’m so thrilled to have my charms worn there!

Jacky Lloyd
Jacky Lloyd