August 24, 2015

Our life journey, illuminated by meaning, becomes a pilgrimage : connecting us to our inner self, to each other, and to what is sacred in the world. JL.

‘In sacred travel, every experience is uncanny. No encounter is without meaning.’  Phil Cousineau ‘The Art of Pilgrimage’


'The Time Of Your Life' lyrics by Randy Newman in 'A Bug's Life'
'Isn't it a bit surprising
How one's fortunes ebb and flow
And only to the enterprising
Does the magic fortune cookie go
Believe me
It's the time of your life so live it well.'

What do elephants, apples and crabs have in common? (latest original wax carvings preview.

Here is a sneak preview of some new charms I've just carved. They are being cast for me right now as I type...on this day, 24 August 2015 in Cape Town. (As they say on legal documents!) Always a little nerve wracking when you send out an original for casting as there is SO much work in that little piece, and things can go wrong at several stages!

original wax carvings by Jacky Lloyd for Talisgirl Charms
The little wax elephant took around 3 days to perfect, using several different photos and drawings, plus a few photos I took in the Eastern Cape at the fabulous Addo Elephant Park.

Mother and child elephants photographed at the Addo Reserve.pic by Jacky Lloyd
Ellies have the most fabulous bodies, beautiful bone structures and a strange baggy-pajama type skin covering it all. I made my Elephant a baby elephant because I love the playfulness in their movement!
The charm will be solid silver, so it will be quite heavy relative to it's little size. But I'll only really see that myself when I get it back in silver tomorrow...
The apple carving was the idea of my friend Clare. I once asked on Facebook for charm suggestions, Clare came up with an apple and I fancied that for a meaningful charm to build into my collection. Thanks Clare, it is being born!
The crab is part of a larger charm....but that is another story. You saw it here first though!
Hope the casting goes well! *fingers crossed*

Update: elephant charms are looking fab, should be ready by late October.

Jacky Lloyd
Jacky Lloyd