December 14, 2015

Our life journey, illuminated by meaning, becomes a pilgrimage : connecting us to our inner self, to each other, and to what is sacred in the world. JL.

‘In sacred travel, every experience is uncanny. No encounter is without meaning.’  Phil Cousineau ‘The Art of Pilgrimage’


'The Time Of Your Life' lyrics by Randy Newman in 'A Bug's Life'
'Isn't it a bit surprising
How one's fortunes ebb and flow
And only to the enterprising
Does the magic fortune cookie go
Believe me
It's the time of your life so live it well.'

Small elephant baptised by a froggie in a Cape mountain stream.

Talisgirl Charms Elephant silver charm forest stream baptism_froggie
While hiking in a remote ancient Cape forest last weekend. I was wearing my brand new African Elephant charm. When we got to a sparkly stream at the base of a gorge, I felt I should get a photo of my ellie in that extraordinary place.
There was once a time when elephants lived in those forests, and there are San/Bushman paintings which tell of that history. Not a single elephant lives there today.Even these ancient forests are rare now.

San/Bushman cave painting in Western Cape_South AfricaTalisgirl Charms Elephant charm sterling silver in Cape Forest

I took the charm off its necklace, and plopped it onto a submerged pebble. It felt like a new born's baptism as it sparkled in a silvery way under the sunlit water...when suddenly a frog popped up beside it!
A camoflage type mountain froggie, with big brown eyes and a lot of attitude. 

I imagine  she was just surprised by the sight of lovely shimmery silver in HER stream, but I took it all the same as as a wonderful ellie baptism with a froggie's blessing, in one of the most beautiful forests on earth.

African Elephant charm first-borns are now ready to find their new homes: Ellie charm

We photographed ellie after her baptism, posing on a rock nearby.In honour of her ancestors.)
Jacky Lloyd
Jacky Lloyd