June 11, 2017

Our life journey, illuminated by meaning, becomes a pilgrimage : connecting us to our inner self, to each other, and to what is sacred in the world. JL.

‘In sacred travel, every experience is uncanny. No encounter is without meaning.’  Phil Cousineau ‘The Art of Pilgrimage’


'The Time Of Your Life' lyrics by Randy Newman in 'A Bug's Life'
'Isn't it a bit surprising
How one's fortunes ebb and flow
And only to the enterprising
Does the magic fortune cookie go
Believe me
It's the time of your life so live it well.'

Colouring Me in Earrings.

My new range of silver-enamel retro-modernist earrings, ‘COLOUR ME’, is inspired by the simple beauty and power of colours.
Colour changes how we feel and it expresses our mood as a perfume does. It can accentuate our best features – and earrings have always been one of the principal players in how we dress up.

We all have a colour which suits us best, one which is ‘lucky’ or ‘unlucky’, happy or relaxing.
There are fashionable colours we are drawn to, because fashion highlights features we had not perhaps thought about before now - when seeing it everywhere  -  we discover its  beauty. (Actually I think all colours are beautiful if you pay attention to them, but what suits us is a more personal story.)

Whether we like ‘pure’ colours or tints (which are darker, lighter to pastel), we are somehow reflecting our feelings about who we are at this moment in the world. Are we red or are we pink today?
The colour you paint your bedroom, the colour you add to your face with a jewel or a scarf, the colour of the car you choose. These are wonderful choices to have, and they express a little bit of your personality and put it out there as a contribution of who you are in the world.

My COLOUR ME earrings are handmade  in pure sterling silver with gorgeous high-fired glass enamels of so many delicious hues (see my blog about traditional enamelling).
They are currently only available at Fabricate, a specialist shop of selected local craft and design (all surprisingly affordable), on the First floor, next to the stairs at the Gardens Shopping Centre in Gardens, Cape Town. Open every day of the week when your design and colour cravings overwhelm you, or you need an affordable gift to cheer up someone special.(including yourself !)
If you can’t get to Cape Town, you are welcome to email me to arrange a purchase. talisgirlcharms@mweb.co.za

Fabricate. Shop 56 Gardens Shopping Centre, Mill Street, Gardens, Cape Town, South Africa.
phone 078 115 1404 

Jacky Lloyd
Jacky Lloyd