your Chain 'Medium' neckchain 44,5cm

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CHAIN neckchain MEDIUM  ●  925 solid silver  ●  44,5 cm long including clasp  ●  easy to shorten  ● single link: round  1,5 x 1,5 x 0,5 mmm (LxBxh)  ● round ‘Rolo’ style  machine made in Italy.

This is a favourite chain style – a real all-time classic and a useful size. The light weight link is slightly hollow due to the rounding .

This chain fits through the built in back hangers of Pansy , Oak Leaf , Order of the Fly(small) and Spring Leaf charms so they hang quite uniquely – see the coloured cord demonstration in their photos; also seen in the hand and body photos.

 The chain size is recommended for the medium weight charms , though it can take some of the larger charms too : 

Aeroplane  ●  Apple  ●  Bee  ●  Bese Saka  ●  Blossoms  ●  Bluebird of Happiness  ●  Cosmos Daisy  ●  Dolphin  ●  Every Cloud has a Silver Lining  ●  Forget-Me-Not  ●   Oak Leaf  ●  Pansy  ●  Spring Leaf  ●  Pegasus (Med&Large chain))  ●   Owl (Med&Large chain)  ●  Serpent x2 (Med&Large chain)  ●  Heart (small) (Med&Small chain)  ●  Order of the Fly (small) (Med&Small chain) ●  White-Eye bird (Med & Small chain)

 NB.   If you order 1 charm and 1 chain I will automatically join them for you. If the quantities vary please tell me at check-out.
Instructions example: Join  Owl charm to Chain MEDIUM;  join Winged Seed charm to Chain LARGE; leave Pansy charm single’  etc.