The most cherished jewels are the ones carrying a special personal meaning. 
Meaning is a magical, personal, intangible value we give to objects, and in our hearts it outweighs every single other value. That is what my customers have taught me through my years of jewellery making and designing.

This collection of silver and enamel charms is a response: a return to the origins of what makes jewellery powerful, precious and meaningful: charms, talismans, amulets – the objects we wear... to protect, invite, share, comfort, understand and celebrate our being in the world. 
The symbols are spiritually positive, with a bias toward women's lives, and it is always ‘heart stuff’: the wisdom of the heart and spirit in the journey of self-discovery. 

I use charm symbols to focus my thinking, responses, reflection and introspection. Through metaphor and lightness they give me access to understanding, and I know that the right charm symbol at the right moment can be transformative. I hope that I can spread some of that meaning about!

I am also a lifelong fan of craftsmanship in its traditional forms. I love the mark of the hand more than the machine. I love to carve, particularly bas relief, which you see in my tiny charms (though I also carve large in marble), and I am forever in love with transparent colour, which I get to play with when I enamel my charms...of course the old fashioned way with old fashioned glass enamels. A real pleasure!

Jacky Lloyd
(JL, Jeweller, sculptor, designer, enameller, collector, gardener, mother, daughter, wife, friend,  pilgrim.)  
Cape Town, South Africa.