1.  Shipping 
2.  Returns
3.  Payment  
4.  How long will I wait for my stuff  
5.  Late parcels  
6.  Getting a copy of the story  
7.  Quality & Materials  
8.  Design & Finish  
9.  Do I automatically get a chain?(no)  
10.Chain quality  
11.About the gift boxes  
12.How to send a gift to a 3rd party  
13.Charm CARE  
14.Contact details


Shipping is by registered post. Your email and phone number must be provided and you will recieve a tracking number. Contact me if you need it in a hurry.

The shop checkout allows you to see shipping costs before your payment is finalised,but here is the lowdown in advance:

  • SOUTH AFRICA local shipping by courier 1-3 days from shipment (see note below re. remote areas) .Main centres will be next day from shipment.

  • Western Cape.................. ZAR 100
    Gauteng ...........................ZAR 120
    Kwazulu Natal...................ZAR 120
    Eastern Cape....................ZAR 150
    Free State.........................ZAR 150
    North West Province.........ZAR 150
    Mpumalanga.....................ZAR 150
    Limpopo............................ZAR 150

  • *NB : remote South African areas (far from commercial centres) attract steep courier charges. I will use 'Speed Services c/o SA post office' or Registered Post with the SA Post Office for these deliveries as they are more familiar with these areas and so more cost effective. Postage will take between 1 and 3 days.Please email me for a quote. Alternatively you could have it couriered to your closest POSTNET for counter collection at R100/up to 3 working days from shipment.

    (Apologies! I can't offer the more affordable old-fashioned shipping until Post offices and airlines etc. have adapted to Covid)

  • Toggle between Rands(ZAR)  and USD ($) at top of web page.    
    (see Country exclusions at end of paragraph.)

  • U.K / Europe/ Middle East: …….....ZAR  650   registered airmail
    Canada/USA:…………………….....ZAR  750    courier. (request postal quote)
    Parcel will be sent registered post.

  • NB. Customs duties may be payable at import for international purchases
  • NO SHIPPING to following countries : Armenia, Algeria, Bangladesh, Belize, China, Croatia, Czech Republic,, Egypt, Estonia, Lithuania, Pakistan, Portugal, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Ukraine, U.S.S.R.
    ( Due to customs regulations regarding import of jewellery. etc)

2. RETURNS. What about returns ? 

Returns are welcome. With Talisgirl Charms I strongly believe in old fashioned good quality and the right charm for the right person at the right moment in their life. 
If anything  went wrong for you in that story, I will gladly put it right in whichever way you prefer : a refund, a swap, a change.

  • Unfortunately I cannot refund postal costs.

  • Charm/s should be returned within 21 days in an unused state.

  • Please get in touch with me via email , and I will make a plan to solve the issue for you.

3.  PAYMENT: how does it work, what is PayFast, is it safe? 

  • At present I only accept payment via PayFast, a CSI compliant payment gateway which accepts a good range of credit and debit cards, EFT and recently also Bitcoin. You can visit them at PayFast. or go to www.payfast.co.za 
  • PayFast is accredited by Shopify in Canada as the preferred South African-international payment gateway.
    It complies with best international standards for security and encryption, designed with e-commerce applications in mind.
  • You do not have to have an account twith Payfast to use them as a payment gateway.
    You can pay with PayFast as a once off transaction OR  You can link your credit card account to PayFast once, after which you need never hand out your card details again when shopping online with PayFast.
    (If the program insists you have a password, see the last point* under this list of points regarding PAYMENT...it means you already have a forgotton account with PayFast associated with the email you entered.)
  •  When you reach check-out and click 'Pay', you will be transferred from Talisgirl Charms site to the independent PayFast secure and encrypted payment gateway site (https://.....).
    This payment process is completely separate from my site. I never receive your banking details as the payment gateway liases between our banks on our behalf. 
    After payment you will be offered the choice to return to the Talisgirl Charms website.
  • Return payments are via PayFast payment reversals, occasionaly by EFT.
  • NB. Customs duties may be payable at import for international purchases.
  • ONLINE SHOPPING SAFETY TIP : never buy anything using your credit card from a site that doesn’t have SSL [secure socket layer] encryption – you will know if it has because the URL[web address]  for the site will start with HTTPS://  (instead of just HTTP://) and an icon of a green locked padlock will appear before the url address in the address bar.
  • I will never ask you for your credit card details. All payments and reverse payments will be care of PayFast, however they will submit your payment to me for approval.This aproval is to protect my shop from credit card fraud.

  • *I cant complete payment...Checkout page wants a password?? It means you already have an account with Payfast and it recognises your email address. There are three options : Dig up that old password, apply for a new one with Payfast , OR Use a different email address - it is the email address you have inserted to the email field which is causing PayFast to 'recognise' your account and ask for a password reset. 
4.  How long will I wait to get my charm from time of payment to delivery time?

Please allow 2-3 working days to assemble your order. When actual shipment commences - excluding customs clearance (if international), wait times are is as follows:

  • South Africa :  average 2-4 days depending on how close you are to a major city.
  • International : average ,assuming no customs delays , 2 to 3 weeks.

5. What do I do if my parcel is late in arriving?

  • If your parcel is late , please follow up the online tracking number which will be sent to you by email on the day of shipment, before contacting me - it is a good system.Contact me if no joy there.
  • If an order doesn't get to you within 14 weeks (it usually takes 2 to 3 weeks) - I will send a replacement.                    

6.  Can I get a copy of the charm's meaning?

  • Every charm is beautifully packaged with a paper insert telling the name and meaning of the charm: presented together in a stylish Talisgirl Charms box.
  • Together the charm, its story and Talisgirl Charms box make for a truly meaningful quality gift. The HOME page slideshow picture shows an example of what you can expect to receive.
I've compiled these meanings, sifted from at least five respected sources, plus my own intuition and life experience. Though mostly historically based (with a 21st century relevance).
The meanings are a guideline only, because of course a symbol is an extremely dynamic entity, so remember also to follow your own intuitive understanding - because really that is where symbols become useful - when they 'speak' to us personally. It's where that synchronicity thing kicks in...

7.  Quality of materials, are they authentic? 

  • SILVER:  All charms solid sterling silver and assay marked ‘925’ for sterling silver (925/1000) and ‘JL’ for me the maker and designer, ie. Jacky Lloyd. No charm is hollow. 
  •  stands for JL, my initials.                                                              
  • ENAMELS : The enamelled charms are fired with old fashioned glass enamels: in the ancient tradition of fusing finely ground coloured glass to a metal base. The enamel is fired several times at over 800o C/ 1500 o F, creating gorgeous hues that can be opaque, transparent or opalescent. My enamel powders are imported from old European manufacturers and are of the finest quality.
  • Because the process is timed by eye and finished by hand, every enamelled charm will have some variation from its siblings- this is especially the case with charms using coloured layers such as the Cosmos Daisy charm.Using glass enamels instead of the cheaper, easier-use synthetic enamels does set my charms apart as products of lasting quality. The rich and vibrant depth of colour can only be achieved with genuine glass enamels. The process is highly skilled and time consuming which makes them great value at this price– and I believe definitely worth it for the quality it imparts...and you have to love what you do!

8.  Design aesthetic and surface finish.

  • The charms in the Talisgirl Charms collection are all originally carved and designed by me exclusively for this collection. I am also a sculptor in stone relief and have brought that skill to these miniature relief and 3dimensional charms. I’ve tried to give the charms an interesting ‘back’ view too so that they read as three dimensional objects: either with a detail that adds to the meaning or an interesting sculptural shape.The style has a spontaneous natural line, texture and handmade aesthetic.
  • The slightly organic and tactile feel reflects the idea that in working with symbols I am working with issues of the soul and I feel the asymmetry and soft edges are a reflection of our human individuality.
  • Talisgirl charms are made from 925 solid sterling silver. They are made in small batches of 2 to 10, and individually hand-finished in my studio. Unlike mass produced charms, these have the mark of the hand and eye. There are no machined edges nor perfect symmetries,nothing is super-shiny and no two charms are utterly identical. That is important to me as it is this character of the hand and eye which brings spirit to an object.
  •  Are the charms shiny or matte ?Each charm is finished to a soft  sheen – neither too shiny nor matte, but somewhere inbetween, and occassionaly a combination of the two for contrast. The finish shows off the soft lovely colour of sterling silver to its best effect. Every charm is individually finished by hand with attention to an appropriate finish. (If you like super shiny machine made finish...these are not for you!)
  • Textured areas and background areas are sometimes oxidised black for visual contrast.This is a permanent chemical treatment to the silver surface, and is non toxic.
  • The blackish-grey areas cannot be flaked or washed off but may be polished away.(Chemically it is the same process as the natural blackening of sterling silver due to environmental or body sulphides.)

9.  Do I get a chain automatically with my charm? 

No. I found that most people already have a chain, so if you do need one I have a small selection of classic chains for sale: one necklace length in a couple of weights, in classic simple styles , also two bracelet styles. A bigger selection is obviously available from any jeweller.

10.  What are the chains made of and how can I decide which one to choose for my charm/s?

  • Chains are light weight solid sterling silver, machine manufactured in Italy. The chain and charm will be joined for you if ordered together. (There is an option for you to give me any further instructions at checkout.) The smaller chains are best suited to the very small light charms, and the ‘larger' chain best suited for the larger [heavier] charms. 
  • .At the end of each charm description where it describes the size of the charm , I have suggested the chain size I think most appropriate for that charm.
  • Neck chains are all 44,5cm long , most can be shortened, please enquire. The wrist bracelet chain is 19,5cm.

11.  The pretty gift box: What colour box will I get with my charm ?

  • I do it by eye really – depending on the colour or meaning of the charm you choose. All the colours: Pinks, Mauves, Blues are quite feminine. If it matters a lot what colour your box will be (see HOME page feature picture) it is best to mention at checkout what your preference is. Otherwise, let me surprise you!

12.  I want to send a gift....

  • Great idea, and I can organise the delivery for you. Let me know at checkout (message box provided) if you'd like me to add a personal message to your parcel.
  • Make the shipping address out to the person for whom your gift is intended, but let them know too, so that they expect the couriered parcel and are home to receive it. (And I will need their email and/or phone number for the courier in case they are not at home when delivery takes place)
  • Packaging in the pretty colourful Talisgirl Charm box, further tied with a ribbon, does not require further wrapping for a stylish looking gift package.

13.  What do I do if my parcel is late?

  • If your parcel is late , please follow up the online tracking number (which will be sent to you by email on the day of shipment) before contacting me - it is a good system.Contact me if you have no joy there.(see 'Shipping method' above for tracking details)

14.  CARE 101. How do I look after my charms so they’ll last for ever ?

  • With reasonable care, the charms will last a lifetime and hopefully many more. The sterling silver metal is thick and generous. Buying quality, and keeping it... is the new green.                                       
  •  Make sure that the jump ring ends are not pulled open if the chain is caught on a hook and pulled. The link can be gently squeezed back closed with pliers. Try to keep the link’s oval shape with the join on the long side – for safety.
  • The enamel is GLASS can chip off if given a hard knock, so you’ll want to avoid hard bangs, drops and bends. Fortunately the metal is thick so the risk is slim. Repairs, if necessary, need to be done in a kiln at 800◦C +, and is a specialist job . Avoid dipping enamels in strong acid – some colours are sensitive and may become matte.
  • What if my silver charm or chain tarnishesAll Sterling silver tarnishes unless plated with Rhodium: my charms are not plated because I believe in the beauty of natural silver.
    Sterling silver tarnishes (oxidises) naturally due to sulphides in the air or in our skin reacting with the 0.075 copper thats makes up the 925 parts of pure silver in 1000 sterling silver. (pure silver is too soft for common jewellery use).
    Clean your silver with a toothbrush and toothpaste for a quick fix, or use a commercial silver tarnish dip.

15.  How can I contact you ?

  • Please click on the email ENVELOPE link at the top and bottom of any page.
  • Contact me with any queries or details you’d like to discuss. I prefer email to phone as it means I’m at my office desk (not easing a charm into the enamelling kiln) and so better able to answer your needs
  • Feel free to phone me if it is an emergency, keeping  in mind the time zone factor.
  • South african time zone : roughly the same as the UK (-1 hour), but Cape Town is 6-10 hours behind the USA and 6-9 hours ahead of Australia.

  • You can follow my Facebook Page by clicking the link at the top and bottom of every page. You can MESSAGE me on Facebook_Talisgirl Charms.
  • Unfortunately I can't receive visits at my workshop.

    email: talisgirlcharms@mweb.co.za  (or click the email link [envelope] at bottom of each page.)

    phone: +27 82 4037333  (South Africa)

    Jacky Lloyd / P.O.BOX 53370 / Kenilworth / CAPE TOWN / Western Cape / 7745 / SOUTH AFRICA

Best wishes, Jacky Lloyd (JL)