Aeroplane charm

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AEROPLANE charm ●  925 silver  ●  safe travel,  spiritual and physical independence, adventure, life navigation, clear judgement, life skills

An aeroplane is the modern day symbol of travel, adventures, discovery and freedom from conventional restraints.
Travel by air brings both anxiety and freedom. This charm says: Travel safely, have  fun adventures, return safely.

On the Spiritual level an aeroplane represents the independence that comes with inner confidence which is gained from life experience. It calls for considered responses, clear judgement, capability, self-possession and not least the ability to plan and navigate.The back of the charm shows the 4 cardinal points representing the art of life navigation.

Aeroplane charm wishes you safety on your journeys – physical and spiritual- with best good wishes:  courage, clarity and wisdom along the way. JL.

23,5 x 19,5 mm (LxW). See photos for body scale.(Chain not supplied,recommend Med. chain)