African Elephant charm

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AFRICAN ELEPHANT  ●  925 silver  ●   wisdom, leadership, mother symbol, compassion, loyalty, integrity, self-awareness, playful intelligence, social wisdom, nurture, leadership, social unity.  
Few animals are as well loved and awe inspiring as an elephant. They are highly social animals which in the wild represent a sense of the ideals which we long for in our own personal social order. 
Our best selves could be expressed as we’d describe elephants: just, intelligent, compassionate, self-aware, playful loyal and wise.
Deeply bonded, highly ordered and fellow-nurturing elephant herds, led by a senior matriarch, are an example of the calm yet playful order a group can achieve where instincts are channelled for the greater good of the whole, without loss of individual character.
 As leaders, as team members and family members we can learn from the integrity inherent to the elephant nature.
 Wearing an African  Elephant charm inspires our best wise self and good mothering. We also honour elephants endangered by poachers in their natural habitat.  JL

Size: 15mm width x 12mm high toes to top of ears x 5,5mm depth of body. solid.
Fixed hanger is 6,5mm round with inner hole space 3mm.

NB. Fixed hanger option is a design feature that allows the charm to be worn singly (or in a collection group) over a chain, thong or bracelet 
Loose Link hanger option is the traditional connecting element and can connect into larger chain links such as charm bracelets. 

The ellies themselves are otherwise identical.