Apple charm

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APPLE charm ●  925 silver  ●   spiritual knowledge, self- knowledge, inner wisdom, self-awareness, self-empowerment.
Apples are always the mystical ‘forbidden fruit’ in folklore, mythology and religion. They represent a ‘greater knowledge’, access to which represents a position of power because knowledge brings choice through insight and oversight.
The apple as a symbol of sacred knowledge originated from the 5-pointed star-shaped cross section of an apple, a pentagram, sacred symbol of light, of the 'mystic centre', and the discovery of 'hidden' knowledge.
The apple picked by Eve in the Garden of Eden represents symbolically the choice to be conscious, to have self-knowledge and self-awareness. (To live in the mythical paradise one must remain unconscious.The patriarchs would have that it was a sin to become conscious and knowledgeable.)

Wearing an apple charm is a statement for the courage to take the path of self-actualisation over being passive to the ideas of others.
The power lies too in our enormous reservoirs of inner wisdom.    JL

Size: 12mm high with stem and leaf x 8,5mm wide fruit x 5,3mm deep fruit. Solid silver inside.
NB. Two ways of hanging shown in images below: iether feed chain (oval link L chain shown) through built in link behind apple stem, or via traditional extra link always supplied.