Bee on a Blossom

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BEE ON A BLOSSOM ● 925 silver ●  enamel pale blue transparent glass ●  life abundance, life renewal,  life blessings,  hope,  grace
Bees and blossoms together bring an enriched symbol of life’s abundance.
●   Blossoms appearing on bare winter branches announce the annual miracle of Spring. They symbolises the latent potential that lies at the heart of all life, the spirit that animates us and in which we find hope and belief.
●   Bees symbolise messengers from the world of spirit, the connection between us and the great mystery that is life itself. They bring lessons in community, endeavour, perception, eloquence and the promise of renewal.
●   Blossoms are the spirit of life renewed, and bees are the spirit messengers, bringing blessings, abundance and grace to our lives.   JL.
A cord or chain up to 2mm can thread through the attached hanger on a necklace; or a link used for a bracelet chain. Medium size charm 16,7mm W x 16,2mm H. Model wears it on a M size chain. 
Enamels are traditional handcrafted ,high fired glass and vary slightly on each charm.