Bee solo charm on handmade fibre necklace

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BEE SOLO charm on HANDMADE NATURAL PLANT FIBRE NECKLACE ●  925 silver  ●  'Spark of the divine spirit’ , immortality of the soul,  initiation, rebirth and resurrection,  perception,  eloquence,  grace,  order and industry.  
'A messenger from the spirit world bringing good fortune, sweetness and light.'
The bee is one of the richest , oldest and most universal spiritual symbols, used in virtually every ancient and modern belief system.
Bees represents the dual value of individual spirit and cohesive social community. 
To wear a Bee charm is to identify with the bee’s symbolic qualities: judicious, perceptive, discerning and a bringer of grace. Bee is a spirit messenger bringing a spark of the divine spirit to our daily journey through life.  JL.

bee size: 20 x 15mm (BxLincluding hanger).
cord is 61 cm long
, knotted closed but passes over your head. Elegant, hangs at sternum.

HELP PROTECT OUR BEES: You can help protect bees in your garden and neighbourhood by growing flowering plants and by not using pesticides. Help bee communities by petitioning against known causes of bee poisoning.  Without bees to pollinate our crops there will be no food, but also we will have failed as a civilization to learn the spiritual lesson that bees bring to us.