Bese Saka charm

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BESE SAKA charm ●  925 silver  ●  champlevé glass enamel  ●  affluence, abundance, good will,  generosity, friendship,  social unity in shared abundance.
A  Bese Saka charm is beautiful simple gift . It honours that wonderful  spirit of grace in generosity given and received.
For  a host, guest,  teacher, friend or family who has given generously from their hearts.

The nut has sacred significance in an African traditional ceremony which acknowledges the mutual value of relationship  between a host and every guest, centred on a ceremonial dish of Kola nuts which are offered and broken open.
The design is in a cross format (a nut broken open) to reinforce the symbol of unity of the spirit and material worlds.) I have coloured the symbol in honour of the Kola nut’s beautiful purple and cream-white flower.

The back shows two fishes in a schematic world sea – a reminder that we all swim in the same ‘sea’ and that what we give in goodwill will always be returned to us in some form.

A  Bese Saka charm honours the grace of mutual exchange, generosity, friendship and goodwill. JL.

 size: 20 x 17mm(17mm round) (LXB) see photos for body scale. (Chain not supplied,recommend M-L chain)
Enamels are traditional handcrafted ,high fired glass and vary slightly on each charm.