Blossom charm (small)

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BLOSSOM  ●  925 silver  ●  life celebration, centeredness, integrity, inner peace, latent potential, finding the positive in adversity, self-belief.
● Blossoms
 appear from the bare winter branches each Spring, seeming each time a miracle. To believe in one’s self is to believe that despite the odds you will prevail, because that potential is always latent and present.
● Blossoms represent the centeredness of self which is integrity. It is this quality which allows you to be true to your own character regardless of the chaos around you. Integrity and centeredness are also the keys to inner peace.
●   Blossoms are ephemeral:  living your life well requires you to grasp the wisdom that life itself is ephemeral. In the greater scheme of things our lives are very short, but they are also each one a miracle. Celebrate life, your life and the lives of those around you.  JL

Size: 11mm round by 5mm depth.
Built in link at back is large enough for a 2,2mm chain/cord.
('Blossom charm (Large)' shown in photos below is for size comparison and is a separate product.)
Photos show the blossom on chain oval link 'L' size. Can also go on a 'M' neck chain or any bracelet chain.