Bloutjie Butterfly charm (silver)

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BLOUTJIE (BUTTERFLY BLUE)  ●  925 silver ●  spiritual healing,  vitality,  wisdom,  grace,  lightness, transformation
●  This small butterfly charm is a symbol for healing through spiritual growth. The perfect meaningful gift.
Blues’ are a family of small violet-blue butterflies that live in the wild spaces of Southern Africa. Bloutjies (Bush Blues) feed on the flowers of wild herbs growing along stream beds and mountain slopes, and in gardens where herbs are growing.
●  Butterflies are the culmination of life metamorphoses, : a symbol of renewed vitality and of a spiritual rebirth, the ability to emerge from a time of difficult introspection with a transformed sense of life purpose.
●  The butterfly qualities of grace and lightness also represent womanhood, and a subtle wisdom: they allow us to rise above unnecessary conflict.
●  A Bloutjie feeds mainly on flowers of the Sage family (also Lavender, Mint & Plectranthus): all plants with healing properties. Sage itself is a symbol for wisdom, intelligence and purification. JL

 A small charm, the cord/chain passes through the butterfly proboscis which has been enlarged for the design. 15,5mm wide x 12,4mm high with hanger.(6mm high excluding hanger.)