Cosmos Daisy charm

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COSMOS DAISY charm ●  925 silver  ● Pink glass enamel  ●  simplicity, innocence, purity, composure, trust, integrity, self-value, wisdom.
The Cosmos Daisy on its graceful, mobile stem, opens each summer sunrise in a generous gesture: expanding, trusting, receptive to the sun and sky - whatever the day brings - a gesture of simplicity, innocence and purity. 

The ethos of simplicity reminds us to live wisely, in harmony with a world we must share. It brings a message to our modern material and aggressive world that we can choose a different approach: plainness and honesty are a growing trend. It reminds us to take stock, define the meaning we want in our life, choosing life quality over material values.
The Cosmos Daisy charm symbolises a sense of self and of self composure.

Simplicity is a spiritual celebration of life’s richness. JL.

size : 17 x 15mm (LxB).See photos for body scale.(Chain not supplied,recommend Med.size chain). 
Enamels are traditional handcrafted ,high fired glass and vary in shade on each charm.