Crab charm

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CRAB  ●  925 silver  ●  strategy, self-defence,  getting what you need,  assertiveness, confidence, cyclical opportunities
●   Crab symbolism relates to their strong outer shell and vulnerable innards, unique strategic moves, precise pincer action, and a quality of fearlessness. Confident self-defence and self-assertion are essential life skill. (most girls never get taught that!)
●   The ability deal with conflict wisely: it is difficult to draw a crab out of its hole, but once out, it fights with a clear commitment.
●   Self-defence is best played out using a strategy. Think like a Chess Knight, a crab sideways move takes a strong position using surprise.
●   Balancing self-protection with  vulnerability. We can only relate properly to others when we are able to show our vulnerabilities, we must find a personal balance between openness and self-protection. (Especially on social media!)
●   Getting what you need in dignified manner, without compromising your integrity and while protecting your vulnerabilities. No need to be apologetic about it.
●   Crabs are always a symbol connected to Moon rhythms and water tides. Being aware and intuitive of the cyclical nature of all things is a wise strategy for timing your ventures. Knowing when to put your-self forward or when to hold back is often the key to success. JL.

17mm wide x 17,5mm high (12mm high excluding hanger). Hole can be enlarged up to 2,5mmx 3mm for thong.