Dolphin charm

DOLPHIN charm ●  925 silver  ●   spiritual guide, spiritual healing, regeneration, transformation, compassion, protective power, mastery in water element,  playful intelligence, consciousness, mother symbol.
The Dolphin is an ancient feminine symbol associated with primary mother goddess figures Ishtar and Aphrodite, it was a bearer and nourisher of life itself.

Dolphins are symbolic spiritual guides, symbols of salvation, transformation, compassion and love in the journey from a state of distress to quietness and enlightenment.

 Intelligent, agile and graceful mammals (not fish), with breasts and a womb, dolphins are devoted mothers. Much of the symbols’ meaning is drawn directly from its nature and the mastery of its watery element- a symbol of the unconscious. A dolphin is the conscious element in an unconscious sea.

Wearing a Dolphin charm, we call up safe guidance for our spiritual journey – to achieve a sense of regeneration and wholeness. JL.

size: 14 x 16,5mm (LxB)
see photos for body scale.Water texture may vary.(Chain not supplied,recommend Med. chain)