Hoopoe Bird charm

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HOOPOE BIRD charm ● 925 solid sterling silver ●  spiritual  regeneration, spiritual wisdom, knowledge revealed,  good fortune. The Hoopoe bird with its distinctive head crest has a long history as a symbolic spiritual high priest, bringing valuable secret knowledge to mankind.

The 12th C Persian mystical poem ‘Conference of the Birds’, has Hoopoe the designated ‘messenger of the invisible world’, with the ‘crown of truth upon his head’. Hoopoe is the priest-guide of all the birds on a spiritual pilgrimage to discover God –ultimately  the Hoopoe leads the birds to a reflective pool where they see not God but themselves , thus  the idea that God is reflected in each of us.

The Hoopoe was also a diviner of knowledge to the prophet-king Solomon: able to reveal the presence of ‘secret’ springs and wells. [In fact, the birds’ probing beak is known to be highly sensitive to earth’s electrical currents.] The symbolism of the secret spring is of the pure source of spiritual energy within us. A well, feminine in principle like a womb, contains magical waters with healing powers. [If our metaphoric  well-spring  becomes  blocked or lost , we become blocked and lost in our lives.]

Credo Mutwa, the African spiritualist and poet, speaks of the Hoopoe as a symbol of good fortune: when you hear the resonant “hoop-hoop, hoop-hoop, hoop-hoop”, you can ‘expect an important visitor’ who will bring good fortune.

 Hoopoe charm is an invitation of openness to messages of the spirit. The ‘Hoopoe’ is the book you open by chance to a passage you need; a dream that reveals an underlying truth; the synchronous events that focus your attention; the quiet meditation that allows you to hear your own inner voiceJL.

size: 16,3 x 19,7 mm (LxB) see photos for body scale.(Chain not supplied,recommend M chain)