Oak Leaf charm

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OAK LEAF charm  ●  925 solid sterling silver  ● white glass enamel  ●  strength, protection, courage, wisdom , integrity, stability.  
Representing strength, endurance, generosity, protection, justice and nobility, it goes without saying that this leaf is also a bringer of good fortune. The reward for integrity is not always immediate but has an accumulative effect in your life.
●  Oak Leaf symbolism is a part of Oak tree symbolism, but as a leaf represented in white, it emphasizes the spiritual-wisdom aspect of the sacred Oak.
●  The Oak trees surrounding Zeus’s sanctuary at Dodona [supplanting an earlier Mother Goddess ‘Dione’] were a sacred grove where priests wearing wreaths of oak leaves would divine the oracle from the sound of the rustling leaves, later from the sound of brass objects hung like chimes from the oak branches. In Homer’s Odysseus, the hero finds the Golden Fleece hung from an Oak tree – the tree effectively having the properties of a temple.
  For the Ancient Celts the Oak was the sacred tree of Dagda the Mother Creator. The tree was considered the ‘axis of the world’, a portal for communication with the Spirit World for druid priests: again the equivalent of a temple. 
 The oak was also sacred to the American Indians; to Scandinavian and Germanic people it represented the sacred Tree of Life and they too held ceremonies in special Oak groves. Christians have the Oak at as a symbol of strength in adversity and steadfastness in faith.
  Oak Leaf charm is a noble symbol with an ancient lineage of access to spiritual insight, wisdom, courage and inner strength.JL.

23,8 x 11,8 mm (LXB) see photos for body scale.(Chain not supplied,recommend Med. chain).Hangs beautifuly from back of leaf stalk. Enamels are traditional handcrafted ,high fired glass and vary slightly on each charm.