Order Of the Fly charm (large)

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ORDER OF THE FLY charm (large) ●  925 silver  ●  courage, confidence, astuteness, boldness.
In ancient Egypt the Order of the Golden Fly and was a military order given for great courage on the battlefield.

With an Order of the Fly charm, the military analogy remains central – a battle intelligently fought is like a  game of chess where strategy, patience and bold moves combine for a likely victorious outcome in the field of life.     

Silver, a symbolically female metal, adds intuition to the valuable battle kit. Intuition can be a definitive element in understanding your circumstances – learn to respect and use your inner voice. 

I first made these flies as brooches in the late 1980’s when they were a great success with both women and men: as a token of  ‘No flies on Me’ –  attitude, astuteness and courage in the face of difficulty.

 Whatever your life challenge, an Order of the Fly charm is a conscious reminder to be bold and courageous when you go in to ‘battle’.   JL.

size: 24 x 15,8mm (LxB).Large,see photos for body scale.(Chain not supplied,recommend L size chain).