Owl charm

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OWL charm ●  925 solid sterling silver ●  wisdom , perception,  insight,  reflection of underlying  truth. The owl perched on the shoulder of the mother goddess Athene represents her best known attribute: wisdom.  It is also a primary attribute of the Middle Eastern mother goddess Ishtar, the ‘Queen of Heaven’. Owl represents the revelation of truth, the ability to ascertain hidden reality.

Usually active at night and associated with the moon and stars,  owl is the natural inhabitant  of darkness- symbolically the ‘unknown’ or unrevealed – able to discern the unseen through enhanced vision using reflected light of the moon and stars: ‘bringing light to the matter’. We have great difficulty seeing our own lives objectively, and the ability to ‘stand back’ and view our situation logically is the wisdom offered by the owl symbol.

Stars are symbols of the ‘plans of heaven revealed’, and as dependable lights in the darkness they represent a compass by which to guide your life. Know where you are so you can plan where you are going.

The front of the Talisgirl Owl charm shows the waxing (growing) moon , the back the waning moon with stars. The waxing moon is an analogy for growth and renewal which comes with discovery of wisdom, the waning moon is a time to gather up your knowledge in preparation for a new life chapter [or cycle]. Moon with its magnetic power over all living and watery things, is a reflector of light as unveiled truth because it is lit by the sun which we cannot look at directly

The Owl charm, like the sacred Owl perched on the shoulder of Athene, reveals unseen truths. Through owl like reflective vision we are able to see the whole truth of a situation. We can read more deeply into surrounding circumstances, and be undeceived by external appearance. JL.


 21 x 20,3mm (ht x width).See photos for body scale.(Chain not supplied,recommend M- L chain) Oxidised in areas for contrast, will vary.