Pansy flower charm

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PANSY  ●  925 solid sterling silver  ● violet glass enamel  ●  thoughtfulness, contemplation, integrity, intuition, meditation, mindfulness. The symbolism of Pansy is essentially thoughtfulness. Thoughtfulness pre-supposes love, generosity, mindfulness and intelligence, and these qualities are part of its meaning.

The English name Pansy is derived from the French noun pensée which means ‘thought’. The common name for Pansy is ‘Heart’s Ease’, and combined with the five heart shaped petals there is the clear concept of ‘thoughts of the heart.’                                                                                          

'Heart thoughts’ are our true thoughts, and our ability to ‘feel’ them and express them is an expression of integrity.‘Heart thoughts’ are the first cousins of intuition, that most valuable life skill.

Flowers are archetypal symbols of the spiritual centre, and the purple-violet colour of the Pansy charm is a re-iteration of that spirit quality: wisdom, contemplation, truth and nobility.

 Pansy charm is a celebration of thought, contemplation, clear intuition, mindfulness and meditation: essential ingredients for wisdom and spiritual growth. Our own spiritual growth is also an act of generosity, because its benefits are felt by our wider family, friends and the society in which we live.  JL.   

size: 13,5 x 13,5 mm (LxB). See photos for body scale and attachment at back
Enamels are traditional handcrafted ,high fired glass and vary slightly on each charm.