Pegasus Spring Water charm

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PEGASUS SPRING WATER ● 925 silver ● enamel turquoise blue transparent glass  ●  creative inspiration, spiritual regeneration, mastery of instincts
Pegasus is the winged [spiritualized] horse [instinct] which symbolises an unblocking of positive creative energy, releasing a spring of fresh flowing energy into our lives. It is the traditional symbol for writers and artists.
●  Pegasus charm represents our innate capacity for inverting negative energy to positive creative energy, bringing clarity and inspiration to our daily lives.
●  Pegasus sprang whole from the slayed body of Medusa, who was an ancient Athena/Wisdom goddess, later ‘cursed’ with subverted negative energy – one ‘turned to stone’ to look on her – a classic metaphor for a blocked/negative state of being. Her trapped negative spirit is transformed to its positive, original (un-cursed) pure essence: and Pegasus is part of that energy. In essence, Pegasus is born of (unfettered) female instinctive wisdom, creativity and inspiration.
●  Pegasus has the magical gift of making springs burst from the earth wherever he strikes his hooves. Hippocrene [Horse’s fountain] is the name of Pegasus mythical fountain: the water came from the purest mother source, the same source as poetic and artistic inspiration. The blue glass enamel represents the spring, JL.

19 x 17,5mm (l x w) See photos for body scale. (Chain not supplied)  Enamels are traditional handcrafted ,high fired glass and vary slightly on each charm.