Pegasus Spring Water charm on FREE handspun natural fibre necklace

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PEGASUS SPRING WATER charm on natural fibre NECKLACE ● 925 silver ● enamel turquoise blue transparent glass  ●  creative inspiration, spiritual regeneration, mastery of instincts
Pegasus is the winged horse which symbolises an unblocking of positive creative energy, releasing a spring of fresh flowing energy into our lives. It is the traditional symbol for writers and artists.(winged =spiritualized;horse=instinct)
●  Pegasus charm represents our innate capacity for inverting negative energy to positive creative energy, bringing clarity and inspiration to our daily lives.
●  Pegasus sprang whole from the slayed body of Medusa, who was an ancient Athena/Wisdom goddess, later ‘cursed’ with subverted negative energy – one ‘turned to stone’ to look on her – a classic metaphor for a blocked/negative state of being. Her trapped negative spirit is transformed to its positive, original (un-cursed) pure essence: and Pegasus is part of that energy. In essence, Pegasus is born of (unfettered) female instinctive wisdom, creativity and inspiration.
●  Pegasus has the magical gift of making springs burst from the earth wherever he strikes his hooves. Hippocrene [Horse’s fountain] is the name of Pegasus mythical fountain: the water came from the purest mother source, the same source as poetic and artistic inspiration. The blue glass enamel represents the spring, JL.

19 x 17,5mm (l x w) See photos for body scale. (Chain not supplied)  Enamels are traditional handcrafted ,high fired glass and vary slightly on each charm. A vibrant blue turquoise colour traditional glass enamel.
The cord is 58cm long, 2mm diameter, handmade natural plant fibre. Simply knotted ends, the necklace simply goes over your head. It can be worn in water and is long wearing.