Red Heart charm

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RED HEART ● 925 solid sterling silver ● red glass enamel ● bursting with love, passion, illuminated spirit, courage, generosity, open heartedness. Red-heart charm, bursting with love, is an expression of passionate love from the very centre of our self, a celebration of profound spiritual energy and happiness that illuminates us from within.

Our heart represents the spirit within us: it thinks, makes decisions, forms plans, accepts responsibilities. These are not the rational thoughts of the head, but the thoughts that define our individuality and colour our life journey.                                    
When we talk about ‘following our heart’ we are choosing to override our rational logic, instead we are following a deeper instinct that relates to our soul journey.                      

We ‘know in our heart’ when something is right, and it is from within our heart that we find the courage, compassion and generosity to ‘give our hearts’ to something or someone. Passionate love is the heart illuminated by joyous love. To be ‘bursting with love’ is one of the highest experiences of spiritual energy that is open to all of us.

Our most profound emotions are ‘heart felt’ and we know our hearts best through love – a mothers’ love for her child, love for our family, our lovers, our pets, our special places. Our hearts ‘fill’ us, ‘warm’ us or seem near to ‘bursting’ with love.

Wearing a Red Heart charm is a celebration of the spirit within us that is courageous,loving, joyous and filled with a shining passion. The heart is wise and wonderful.JL

size: 15 x 14mm (LxB) See photos for body scale.(Chain not supplied,recommend M to L chain). Enamels are traditional handcrafted ,high fired glass and vary slightly on each charm.

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