Serpent Diamond charm

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SERPENT DIAMOND charm  ● 925 solid sterling silver ● blue glass enamel ● natural diamond 0.015ct / J-K  ● life energy, healing, balance, self-knowledge, Mother Goddess, Spirit.  Serpent was the original god-creator symbol  to rise from the unconscious primitive mind to consciousness. It is the manifestation of matter as life energy, the all-pervading Spirit. With time it became a symbolic attribute of every great Earth Mother goddess to follow.

From our origins in the primordial sea it represents the greatest mystery of all : Life itself. It also represents the pervading duality of the Whole – light with dark, positive with negative, always striving for healthy balance.

Honouring this primordial spirit within us is to honour our own life and all life. In doing so we must acknowledge our own reflected duality:  light and dark, perfect and imperfect. Wise self-knowledge avoids unhealthy repression, it must harmonize the relationship between instinct and reason.

Christ spoke of “the wisdom of serpents”: referring to the concept of ‘balance’ implied by the Caduceus, eternal symbol of healing. [Two balanced snake-serpents spiralling up a staff]. The serpents are not the healers, they are the healing itself. The healer understands that to recover the balance of the mind and/or body is to bring it to health. The two snakes of the caduceus represent the duality of the One serpent which thrives through balance and harmony.

The symbolic serpent came to wear a jewel in its head- symbolizing the treasure it ‘guarded’. The treasure in myth and psychology is hard won spiritual knowledge or self-knowledge – it is also the understanding that Life itself is the treasure.

Serpent Diamond charm with a diamond jewel in its head represents the fruitful spiritual journey. The diamond refracts white light into the pure colours of the rainbow- the colours representing the spectrum of self-knowledge. A diamond is as pure and metaphorically as old as the serpent-creator symbol. JL.

17,7 x 18,2mm (LxB).See photos for body scale.(Chain not supplied,recommend Med-L chain) Enamels are traditional handcrafted ,high fired glass and vary slightly on each charm.