Splash of Blue Sky Happiness charm

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SPLASH OF BLUE SKY HAPPINESS charm  ●   925 solid sterling silver   ●  opaque turquoise glass enamel   ●  happiness,  joy,  a sense of wonder,  open heartedness. The blue colour of a clear blue sky is a universal symbol of happiness and clarity. This charm celebrates happiness, and if we have forgotten what happiness is, it reminds us to find it.

Happiness is elusive when our lives become too artificially constructed; we forget that sense of being a part of the great mystery of life. We need to remember what inspires us to feel happy and to make that a part of our conscious life.

 Meaning and happiness are found where simplicity masks a mystery – we can’t always understand the mystery but we can sense it, and that is where joy begins. The feeling of connection with like-minded people; the birth of a child; the mastery of a skill; the mossy rock in the forest; a plant in Spring; the stars and crickets at night; the big blue sky…

Sky itself is a symbol of transcendence and infinity. In understanding happiness we can find a clue in this concept of infinity – a place without parameter in which to expand. Open heartedness is a risk rewarded by happiness. By becoming less rigid in our beliefs, we re-discover our sense of self and our naturally expansive relationship with the universe.

A splash is spontaneous, and that's where joy is alive and kicking. To ‘make a splash’ means to make a big impression: here is a charm to bring blue-sky happiness into your life journey, to celebrate and make your mark with the wild spirit of happiness.

When you wear Splash of Blue Sky Happiness charm you are a receiver and bearer of happiness, finding it and sharing it with those around you. JL.

size: 22,4 x 23,5mm (LxB).See photos for body scale.(Chain not supplied,recommend Large chain). Enamels are traditional handcrafted ,high fired glass and vary slightly on each charm.