Spring Leaf charm

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SPRING LEAF charm  ●  925 solid sterling silver ● transparent chatreuse Spring-green glass enamel  ●  growth, renewal, life force, fertility, youth, hope, health, new beginnings.  The first bright green leaves of spring that burst from the buds of stark winter branches are the eternal symbol of hope and rebirth.

One of the great central themes of spirituality and religion is the mystery cycle of death, resurrection and life. Springtime is the time of resurrection and hope – new opportunities, fresh beginnings,  a wellspring of energy like the rising sap of a plant, forcing its way through barriers, bursting out into new leaf.

Winter is also a metaphor for a time of difficulty. The dependable benevolence of Spring is a reassurance of our ability to survive through difficulty, that we can emerge with fresh enthusiasm for life.

The radiant energy and fragile transparent beauty of youth is a transient quality to be celebrated. Easter was originally a Spring-fertility rite: celebrating life’s annual resurrection and abundance. Eggs and flowers are commonly used, but the new leaf is traditionally part of the ancient symbolism.

‘Green’ is an emblem of ecology today, a symbol of ‘Green’ thinking, policies and politics: protecting and nurturing the natural world. Talisgirl Charms’ Spring Leaf associates itself with these concepts of honouring and nurturing the natural world.

Spring Leaf charm is a celebration of a young person’s effervescent youth and beauty. It is also for a person of any age who is in a ‘winter’ stage of life, needing to know that there is hope in the next cycle of growth.JL.

‘If I keep a green bough in my heart, then the singing birds will come.’  Chinese Proverb.

size: 18,5 x 13,6 (LxB) see photos for body scale.(Chain not supplied,recommend Med. chain) Hangs beautifully, chain/cord passes behind leaf stem. Enamels are traditional handcrafted ,high fired glass and vary slightly on each charm.