Wheat charm

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WHEAT charm ● 925 solid sterling silver ● fertility, abundance, potential, successful harvest, prosperity, cyclical life. As a symbol of successful harvest, a wheat ear represents success, prosperity and abundance – all that is nourishing and life affirming. It is the compound interest of hard effort.

The most recognisable symbol for most earth goddesses [Demeter, Ceres] it also represents the cycles of life that ensure rebirth: the death in winter as promise of the rebirth at spring – a central symbol of growth, rebirth and fertility. In many contemporary religions it retains this ancient (Eleusian Mysteries) symbolism of rebirth and resurrection.

A basic primordial food-stuff, it is sanctified in Jewish and Christian communion. In Hebrew, the word ‘wheat’ means ‘purity’- its root meaning is associated with the idea of choice – passive and active choice: how we choose to respond to the significant openings that life may offer us. Recognising where innate potential lies and investing our energy wisely will create abundance.

 Wheat charm has a generous pebble–like feel and weight to emphasize the aspect of earth celebration, and the honouring of the earth in our life. The shape of the charm suggests a seed, compounding the meaning as a source of potential and growth, and the miraculous bounty that life has to offer.   JL.


32,5 x 12,2mm (LxB).LargeSee photos for body scale.(Chain not supplied,recommendchain.)