White-Eye Bird charm

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WHITE-EYE BIRD charm  ● 925 solid sterling silver ●  joyous life energy , balancing public and private self, integrity, inner peace,  social confidence, relationship, community purpose.
The White Eye is a small wild bird, with an exuberant joyous energy. Alternating life between a large flock and a tiny transient family, the bird suggests a model for the happy integration of public and personal life.
White Eyes are constantly in motion, jostling and following from plant to plant, constantly in communication with their joyous tweeting. However in mating season some of these sociable birds separate out of the group into monogamous pairs: together they build a tiny woven cup-nest, bound and lined with spider web silk, where they incubate and rear their young. Afterward they re-join their flock.
●  White Eye bird charm reminds us that stepping away from the group to do our own work is as important as finding joy, companionship and support within the group. A perfect gift for both introverts extroverts, and young people going out into the world.   JL. ote: this symbolic interpretation is my own, but as with all symbols it is based on the inherent nature of the subject.

10 x 13,4 mm (LXB).See photos for body scale.(Chain not supplied,recommend -M-chain) Colours do vary due to handmade qualities, see pics.