Winged Seed charm

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WINGED SEED charm ● 925 solid sterling silver ●  latent potential, new beginnings, pilgrimage, integrity of self, abundance, hope.  A seed is a central symbol of growth and rebirth; it represents the mysterious potentialities that justify hope in our lives.

A seed is a symbol for the mystic origin from which radiates everything that ever is and ever was. Science calls it a black hole, religion calls it the godhead, symbolism uses the metaphor of a seed. In  Hinduism the seed represents life and consciousness itself.

A seed represents the potential for complete fulfilment of individual expression.

With a single seed placed on the alter, Eleusinian mystics would meditate on the mystery of the single grain that ripens in the dark, reappearing transformed in the light of spring , a new life born which in turn will give birth to multiple new seeds ,new lives, new potentials.

A winged seed represents a seed in spiritual journey – a symbol for a pilgrimage. A pilgrimage is a journey to wake one’s latent spirit, to discover meaning, to grow one’s sense of self in the universe. The seed journey may be an ‘official’ pilgrimage, but a pilgrimage can also be your life journey if you choose it to be a journey of spiritual growth.

Winged Seed charm is a protector both in safe travel, and of mindful travel on one’s life journey. Its presence calls up the synchronicities which make our life into a map of meaningful events and a centre for spiritual expansion.

Be mindful of the journey that is your life, watching for and nurturing the ‘seeds’ that offer potential for growth and abundance. JL.

size: 36,5 x 14mm (LxB).See photos for body scale.( Chain not supplied,recommend L chain)